Kevin Garnett Thanks Cold Weather for Craig Sager Finally Dressing in an Acceptable Manner (Video)


Plenty of people cringe whenever Craig Sager comes on camera. The sideline reporter’s garish outfits and loud colors don’t leave anyone thinking he has a grip on good fashion.

Sager’s style, which was once funny and possibly an acceptable way to amuse children, has riled some of the NBA’s more fashion-conscious stars (of which there are an increasing number). That includes Kevin Garnett, who flat-out told Sager to burn something he was wearing in a postgame interview once.

But Garnett seemed to like Sager’s choices on Thursday night, giving him a compliment (and ascribing it to the cold weather) before heading off the court after the Celtics beat the Lakers.

Check out what Garnett had to say about Sager’s good fashion choice, then check out a highlight from Garnett’s “burn it” speech below that. (Hat tip to SportsGrid.)

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