College rivalries are always fun to watch, more so when students get a little crafty.

When the Michigan Wolverines decided they would use the motto “we on” for this year’s basketball team, it was only a matter of time before a rival school would pick up on this grammatical error and use it against them. It only took 25 games to figure something out — and it’s a good thing Michigan State saved this one for national television.

Unfortunately for Michigan, the Izzone — the Spartans’ student rooting section — had a small surprise for the Wolverines when they took the court for Tuesday night’s game at Michigan State. Dozens of members of the Michigan State student section showed up sporting white T-shirts that read “you off'” in green lettering. The Izzone didn’t stop there. The Spartan student section also chanted “you off'” throughout warmups and the game. Michigan may have felt some side effects from the T-shirts and the chants, as the Wolverines were blown out by the eighth-ranked Spartans, 75-52.

Check out the T-shirts below.

Michigan Basketball

Photo via Twitter/Michigan Basketball