Ladies out there hoping that Adam Scott would look to pair his fresh green jacket with a new love interest were out of luck this week. The Australian has instead used the sudden spotlight to turn down the attention, explaining that he has a girlfriend and is looking to keep it that way.

Scott’s relationship status quickly picked up traction after his dramatic win at The Masters on Sunday, when he beat Angel Cabrera in a playoff and erupted in celebration. Soon after, Robert Mills, creator of The Bachelor, suggested that Scott would be a perfect host for the next season of the TV show.

Scott put that speculation to rest on CBS This Morning this week. After Gayle King spent quite a bit of time telling him how much women like him (and, specifically, his arms, apparently), Scott called the attention “flattering” but made it clear that he did, in fact, have someone already.

“That’s all quite embarrassing, really,” Scott said. “No, I am not single at all. I’m very much in a relationship and very happy at the moment.”

Scott is dating a woman he simply called “Marie,” whom others have quickly connected the dots to Marie Kojzar, a Swedish interior designer with whom he has had a relationship before.

To each his own. But a new rendition of The Bachelor, where they hand out green jackets along with the red roses, could be pretty interesting.

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