Dennis Rodman Appears in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Mocking Friend Kim Jong-un, Flubs Line (Video)


Dennis Rodman came away from North Korea with nothing but good things to say about Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. The former basketball star even called Jong-un a good friend. In most cases, a gentle ribbing of a friend won’t rustle any feathers, but most good friends aren’t dictators threatening nuclear war.

Rodman appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch mocking Jong-un’s boastful claims. To be honest, the show’s cold open was devoid of many laughs until Rodman came in and flubbed his one line. Everyone knows “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.” But Rodman, reading cue cards, instead said, “Live in New York, it’s satirize” or something.

Watch Rodman at the end of the video below.

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