Fake Kevin Ware Twitter Account Sprouts Up After Louisville Guard Shatters Leg, Goes Into Surgery


Peyton Siva, Chane Behanan, Wayne BlackshearA pretty easy editorial decision was made Sunday after Louisville guard Kevin Ware went down with one of the worst injuries ever seen in sports. Countless outlets chose not to show video of Ware’s leg getting broken, and CBS was careful to stay away from sensationalism with its somber tone.

That courtesy, however, has not been extended from much of the Internet.

While various sites have been criticized, fairly or not, for the way they’ve handled the video of Ware’s leg breaking midgame Sunday, at least one individual can be called out unequivocally for going too far. There’s no name to attach to this person so far, but here’s looking at you, Person Who Made the Fake Kevin Ware Twitter Account.

Ware already had a Twitter account, @_Woody23, but around 6:31 p.m. Sunday, another account began called @KevinWare_5. By Monday morning, it had accumulated more than 17,500 followers — and reached new lows of taking sick advantage of a horrible situation.

The first tweet was innocuous enough — a thanks to fans, and words that sounded like what Ware would be saying, considering he was cheering on his team even as he lay on his back with a bone sticking out of his leg Sunday.

That quickly devolved, however. The Twitter account soon filled up with this kind of garbage.

And if there’s anything worse than a sports star giving a cliché because he has no other words, it’s someone pretending to be a sports star giving a cliché because he’s lost all sense of the meaning of words.

Ware was in surgery for two hours on Sunday night, making it that much more impossible that he was the one behind the account. But what’s worse is that Ware has already shown himself to be an incredible player, and a sham like this — which uses empty words to try to be heroic after Ware, in real life, already was — takes away from an unreal situation and the once-in-a-lifetime response by Ware and his team.

Or, in everyday lingo, you can’t be a bigger dirtbag than this.

Check out the entire fake stream here, with hopes that Twitter takes it down soon.

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