Joe Theismann Thinks Kevin Ware Will Be Able to Recover From Broken Leg (Video)


Minutes after Kevin Ware‘s gruesome leg injury against Duke, Joe Theismann reached out to the Louisville guard on Twitter saying “Watching Duke/ Louisville my heart goes out to Kevin Ware.”

TMZ caught up with Theismann at the airport and got his thoughts on Ware’s injury and how it compares to the similar compound fracture that ended the former Redskins quarterback’s career. Theismann said he thinks Ware will be able to to recover from the injury because he has youth and modern science on his side.

Theismann also said he thought CBS did a “terrific” job covering the situation by “staying away from the injury and just letting the moment play out.” The quarterback said he’s willing to help out Ware however he can.

Watch Theismann’s full reaction to the injury in the video below.

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