Josh Reddick Brushes Back People Telling Him to Shave Beard


Freewheeling Josh Reddick isn’t serious about many things, but he’s serious about this: He will win his beard-off with Daniel Bryan, and he will tell you to go away until you stop tempting him to trim his whiskers.

Reddick is adopting the mountain man look this year as part of a challenge from Bryan, a WWE fighter. The two are growing beards the entire year, with fans voting at the end whose is better.

Reddick’s facial hair has received plenty of attention around baseball — and apparently quite a bit from curious onlookers who haven’t read important Internet news stories about it and are wondering when he’ll shave it off. Reddick answered them this week:

Here’s a photo of Reddick’s beard getting tagged out Wednesday night.

Josh Reddick, Jesus Montero

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