Charlotte Hornets, Vancouver Grizzlies Among Top 10 1990s NBA Uniforms (Photos)


Top 10 90s JerseysThrow on your starter jacket, crack open a cold Surge and throw Boy Meets World on the tube, because we’re traveling back to the 1990s.

Do you remember the ’90s? It was a crazy time where half the population was wearing flannel and listening to Nirvana, and everyone else was wearing teal. If you’re looking for ’90s nostalgia, there’s no better place to turn than the NBA, because almost every team completely redesigned their uniforms to have gigantic logos, insane color combinations that didn’t go well together at all (like say, teal and maroon — we’re looking at you, Detroit Pistons) and pinstripes, lots and lots of pinstripes.

But the best part of those jerseys is that they’re actually secretly awesome. Sure, maybe the uniforms from the late ’80s and early ’90s were classier, but NBA uniforms are constantly changing and based on design and fit, you’ll never have to question what decade you’re watching an NBA game.

So get ready to see giant red dinosaurs, hawks that take up 90 percent of open space on a jersey and plenty of teal. These are the most ’90s NBA jerseys of all time.

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Photo via Facebook/Michael Jordan 23

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