Eric Decker Hits Broncos Teammate Orlando Franklin With Pie in Face at Rockies Game (Video)


At 6-foot-7 and 330 pounds, Orlando Franklin is one of the last dudes on the planet I would ever want to mess with. His Denver Broncos teammates clearly think otherwise.

Franklin was nice enough to do an interview with a local sports reporter during a team trip to the Colorado Rockies game on Tuesday, and that’s when wide receiver Eric Decker decided to hit the big right tackle with one of baseball’s many celebratory traditions.

During the interview, Decker snuck up behind Franklin and hit him with a cream pie in the face similar to how a Rockies player might be greeted after a game-winning walkoff. Franklin reacted to the playful gag by manhandling Decker like a pass rusher coming off the edge, but, of course, all in good fun.

The reporter hinted that Peyton Manning may have been the mastermind behind the cruel joke, and some hearty laughter from the future Hall of Fame quarterback didn’t dissuade that thought.

Check out how the hilarity unfolded in the video below.

Oh, and the Rockies beat the Yankees 2-0 just in case you were wondering.

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