David Terrell Says He ‘Would Have Been Neutered’ to Play With Jay Cutler


Former Chicago Bears receiver David Terrell would have done anything to play with Jay Cutler. And he means anything.

Terrell, the Bears’ first-round pick in 2001, flamed out after just five seasons in the NFL, going down as something of a bust. His mediocrity may have been a result of a motley crew of quarterbacks, including Jim Miller, a past-his-prime Kordell Stewart, Rex Grossman (for three games) and Craig Krenzel.

So, when seeing the chemistry that Cutler developed with receiver Brandon Marshall last season, Terrell got a little jealous and began to dream about what could have been.

“You could have neutered me,” Terrell said of playing with Cutler. “I woulda been neutered with a smile.”

Cutler isn’t exactly a Hall of Fame-worthy quarterback — at least not yet. But, given the quarterbacks Terrell had to play with, his desire for a player with the caliber of Cutler is understandable, even if his comments are not.

Terrell went a bit over the line with his desires to play with Cutler, adding a few choice and somewhat controversial comments along with his .

Warning: some of the content in The Big Lead’s story may be offensive to some readers. Click here to read the rest of Terrell’s comments.

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