Report: Chad Johnson Is Losing $46,000 a Month to Child Support Payments, Spending


Chad JohnsonOh, those pesky child support payments — they always wreck it for athletes. Then again, so does spending $250 a month on personal grooming and another $1,000 a month on the pets.

That’s the boat that former NFL receiver Chad Johnson is in. Despite getting a break this week when he got out of a 30-day jail sentence early, Johnson has other issues to deal with, according to TMZ.

Johnson is spending a lot of money for a now-unemployed wide receiver — $45,982.76 a month, TMZ reports.

That figure includes $16,000 in child support payments and about $9,000 a month for his mortgage. As far as the “feeding your family” argument goes, that all makes sense.

But TMZ also reports that Johnson is only making $3,000 a month (no word where that’s coming from), and his, ahem, optional expenses range a bit beyond that. Johnson is spending $2,500 on food, $2,650 on car expenses, $3,500 on clothes, $5,000 on entertainment, $1,000 on his pets and $250 on personal grooming, according to TMZ.

Johnson still has $4.7 million to his name, though, according to TMZ. Busting out the calculators, that means Johnson can make it another century, even if he does shell out 46 grand a month.

Well done, Chad Johnson. Well done.

Photo via Facebook/America’s Football Page

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