Robert GriffinFirst, Robert Griffin III was “all in for Week 1.” Now, he appears to be all in for July 25.

The Redskins quarterback, who suffered ACL and LCL injuries during last year’s postseason, told reporters at the team’s practice facility Thursday that he “without a doubt” plans to be back with the team when training camp opens next month.

“One: It’s a month [away]. And then, two, it’s just how I feel, and how it’s progressed,” Griffin said. “Over the last three weeks, I’ve had a lot of progress and I feel a lot better. … While training camp’s a month, month and a half away … I feel really good about that. And then the start of the season is even farther than that. … That’s why I say ‘without a doubt.'”’s Albert Breer reports that Griffin threw for about 30 minutes during organized team activities on Thursday and even accelerated to nearly a full sprint during conditioning runs.

Adrian Peterson‘s near-miraculous recovery last season has caused many to downplay the severity of ACL injuries, which have been known to sideline athletes for a full calendar year.┬áRGIII underwent reconstructive knee surgery on January 9, less than five months ago.

“I think [the start of camp] is the right target if I’m ready,” Griffin said. “If I’m not, I can swallow my pride.”

The Redskins’ first preseason game is slated for Aug. 8 against the Tennessee Titans.