Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Accomplice, Carlos Ortiz, Labeled ‘Rat’ for ‘Snitching’ on Former NFL Star


Aaron Hernandez TMZOdin Lloyd‘s family surely appreciates the information that Carlos Ortiz has given police about the night of the North Attleboro, Mass., homicide that involved Aaron Hernandez. But members of Ortiz’s old neighborhood told Kevin Manahan of USA Today that they may not welcome Hernandez’s alleged accomplice back for the same reason.

Ortiz has been labeled a “rat” in his Davis Drive neighborhood in Bristol, Conn., Manahan reports. The locals don’t appreciate that the 27-year-old leaked details of the June 17 murder.

“He can come back here,” Jose “Ito” Torres told USA Today. “But if you come back to the streets where everybody thinks you’re hard but you’ve been snitching….”

Ortiz had been in trouble with the law before in Bristol, but the Davis Drive neighborhood had usually covered for him, telling police they didn’t know where he was. In this case, Ortiz didn’t just “snitch” — he snitched on Hernandez, who is revered in the neighborhood for making it to the NFL.

“That’s Aaron Hernandez,” Amber Schryer said to USA Today. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.”

Ortiz is known as “Charlie” or “Charlie Boy” around Davis Drive. He would sleep on residents’ couches and fathered a 4-year-old son with a woman on the street.

“Everybody knows that Charlie told,” Torres told USA Today. “He’s been labeled a rat. He’s done. He’s done. You’re going to have another breaking news [story] on TV.”

Ortiz will likely be the prosecution’s star witness. And the defense will go after his credibility, since he has numerous arrests and tested positive for PCP, alcohol and THC in May, according to USA Today.

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