Bieber spotlightThe Beliebers are not going to be happy to hear about this.

A group of Chicago Blackhawks fans have taken it upon themselves to exact revenge on pop star Justin Bieber. The Biebs committed a major faux pas earlier this month when he stepped on the Blackhawks logo in the middle of the team locker room while trying to take a picture of the Stanley Cup.

The Blackhawks themselves were not amused, as Hawks center Andrew Shaw tweeted at Bieber and said, “Bro, no stepping on the logo.”

Hawks fans in attendance at the annual Blackhawks fan convention took their own action against the Biebs by stepping all over a giant cutout of the pop star’s face. Three fans brought the cutout of Bieber’s face, placed in on the floor and indignantly stood on the singer’s face to send a message.

Check out photos below from their “@StandOnBieber” Twitter account.




Photos via Twitter/@StandOnBieber

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Adrian Peterson and L’il AP.

Adrian Peterson

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How do we get the invite to this party?

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The People’s Elbow is making a comeback.