Nick WaisomeNick Waisome didn’t need to be at football practice to get in a quick pursuit.

The Florida State cornerback returned to his apartment July 5 to find two men who had broken in, according to WCTV. Waisome took off after the intruders as they fled the apartment, knocking down one of the men, Mario Crawford.

Waisome then began to chase the other burglar, Tavares Rumph, who he stopped from entering a car that was waiting outside of the apartment. Tallahassee police arrived on the scene and arrested Rumph but were unable to find Crawford.

“I figured they didn’t have a gun because if they did they would’ve shot me,” Waisome said. “When they started running, I decided I wanted to get one person at least.”

He did get one immediately, but it would be three weeks later until Waisome would get the other. Wasiome spotted the car that Rumph tried to escape into — a gold Chevy Impala — and Crawford wearing a pair of shorts that were stolen during the break-in.

Waisome took down the license plate number. Police used the information Waisome provided to find Crawford, also connecting him to several other robberies. He is facing multiple felony charges.

Photo via Facebook/Florida State Seminoles Football