Jerry Hairston Hits Foul Ball That Rips Through Net Behind Home Plate, Hits Woman on Shoulder (GIF)


Feel free to be terrified whenever sitting behind home plate.

Jerry Hairston fouled a pitch off Rafael Soriano in the top of the ninth inning on Saturday that ripped through the netting behind home plate at Nationals Park. The ball appeared to hit a woman in the hand and glance off her shoulder. It looks like the woman’s hand was in front of her face as it got hit, so the situation could have been a lot more serious.

A fan who was sitting behind the woman tweeted that the ball “hit her in the shoulder. She cried a bit and got an ice pack from usher. Guy who found the ball gave it to her.”

The fan also tweeted a picture of the net with a ball-sized hole ripped in it. Check out the GIF of the foul ball and the photo of the ripped net below.


GIF via Yahoo! Sports


Photo via Twitter/@andrewtabs

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It was a dangerous day to be in the stands.

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Well, it was a nice idea by Daniel Nava.

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