San Diego Chargers Considering Run on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ in 2014


philiprivers blendManti Te’o plus Philip Rivers would equal reality show gold.

That’s just what some members of the San Diego Chargers organization seem to think as the team has been kicking around the idea of appearing on the HBO documentary show Hard Knocks in 2014, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“We’ve educated ourselves as to what the process is,” Chief Executive Officer A.G. Spanos told the paper Sunday.

The team hasn’t officially been asked by HBO to appear on the show next year, but within the business side of the Chargers organization, there is an understanding of the attention and brand recognition it could bring to the team.

“No doubt,” Spanos said. “We’ve talked to other teams that have done the show and gotten feedback on how it’s helped them. Business-wise, every team has been helped by being on the show.”

Not everyone in the organization is sold on the idea, though.

When safety Eric Weddle was presented with the idea of the team appearing on the show, he simply responded with, “Why?”

Weddle and Rivers are probably aware of the fact that some coaches and players are mic’d up during and after practices, which can be a tough thing to navigate when dealing with contentious situations. The show thrives on the drama of a team having to cut a player on camera or a player getting into an argument with one of his teammates.

“Obviously, these decisions are made in higher places than I am in,” Rivers said. “Whether it happens or not, I’m going to be the same, act the same in my role as quarterback. But if asked, I’d say, ‘Please don’t.’ ”

There seems to be a pretty big disconnect between those in an organization who see the business value of appearing on the show, and the members of the organization focused on winning games and not creating entertainment. New Bengals linebacker James Harrison recently said of his team being featured on this season of Hard Knocks, it’s a “pain in the A double S.”

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