Spike Lee Offering Dinner, Knicks Courtside Seat in Exchange for $10,000 Movie Donation (Photo)


spike leeSpike Lee‘s renowned success as a filmmaker has lead to a lifetime of financial stability, allowing him to be a New York Knicks courtside season ticket holder for years. Now, he’s hoping his seats at Madison Square Garden can help fund his next film.

The Brooklyn native is pulling his strings of fame from all directions in an attempt to fund his newest cinema project — a film based on humans who are addicted to blood. Lee has launched a KickStarter campaign to raise $1.25 million in the next 30 days to fund his project, and he’s offering gifts of ranging value in return.

A $5 donation result in a personalized “thank you” tweet from Lee himself, $100 can get you an autographed T-shirt and $1,000 would put you as an extra in the movie. But if you really fork out the big bucks, Lee is offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A $10,000 donation to the movie fund will get you dinner and a courtside seat at Madison Square Garden with Lee at a Knicks game in the upcoming season.


With courtside seats having a face value of around $4,000 per game, Lee’s $10,000 offer isn’t as outrageous as his claim that the Knicks will be great, but it still is a steep price to hear Lee yell at referees on a Tuesday night against the Bobcats.

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From one juiceman to another.

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Six razor blades were harmed in the process of this carving.

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The University of Alabama football program isn’t scraping for loose change. Want proof? Three BCS National Championships in four years will get you this.


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