takeru kobayashiSince being banished from the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, a competition he so thoroughly dominated once upon a time, Takeru Kobayashi has gone rogue.

He resurfaced at a Super Bowl party in February, chowing down a full pizza in one minute in somebody’s living room for a reported sum of $3,250.

Then, on Thursday, Kobayashi returned to the news, completing the famed “gallon challenge” outside Uncle Bob’s Self Storage in Upper Saddle River, N.J. According to a video posted on the Uncle Bob’s YouTube channel, the former world hot dog champ drank a full gallon of milk in 20 seconds immediately after setting the world cupcake record (13 in one minute).

It’s a little sad to see the man who was once the staple of ESPN’s July 4 coverage now eating for cash in suburban New Jersey, but his feats of intestinal fortitude are still impressive nonetheless.

Check out Kobayashi’s domination of a gallon of milk in the video below.

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