LeBron JamesLeBron James has already established himself as one of the NBA’s all-time greats, but a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver believes his dominance would translate to the NFL, as well.

Dez Bryant said the Miami Heat forward would be a “beast” in the NFL as a receiver or tight end.

“That dude is just that talented,” Bryant said to ESPNDallas.com. “I think it would take him probably about a good two weeks to get very acquainted with football, knowing what he’s supposed to do. I think that’s all he’d need with his physical ability.”

Bryant, who is coming off his best season after recording 92 catches for 1,382 yards, believes the reigning NBA MVP would need to only worry about mastering fundamentals because his natural athleticism and experience playing in high school would carry him the rest of the way.

“All he’d need to do is probably work on a little technique,” Bryant said. “It’s not like he’s never played football before. He has played football. I think he’d be a beast in the red zone. I think he could do it. I think he could do it, seriously.”

Whether James, a Cowboys fan, pursues a career on the gridiron is doubtful, but he wouldn’t be the first NBA player to pursue a different sport in the middle of his career.

Let the Michael Jordan-LeBron comparisons continue.