Gary Payton Takes Responsibility for Allen Iverson’s Infamous ‘Practice’ Rant (Video)


Word surfaced Wednesday that Allen Iverson, who hasn’t played in the NBA since 2010, plans to officially announce his retirement within the next few days.

This has prompted several media outlets to take a look back at the career of the explosive point guard, with the majority of the discussions somehow leading back to his legendary “We talkin’ ’bout practice” rant.

The topic of Iverson’s press conference, which went viral in the days before YouTube, was raised on Fox Sports Live late Wednesday night, and Fox Sports 1 panelist — and Iverson contemporary — Gary Payton shared some interesting inside information.

According to Payton, the two of them were out enjoying a few beverages when Iverson asked him how he does such a good job of maintaining his health. Payton answered that his coach in Seattle, George Karl, never forced him to practice, which allowed him to stay fresh. He suggested Iverson do the same.

That doesn’t mean Payton endorsed Iverson’s now-famous podium remarks, though.

“‘Oh, no. Not this,'” he said when asked what his reaction to the press conference was. “‘Don’t say it like that, Allen! Don’t do like that.’ But he said it, and I said, ‘No, that was not our conversation.'”

Hear The Glove tell the story for himself in the video below (skip to the 2:23 mark).

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