roger goodellThe NFL is taking a rather unorthodox approach in its attempt to develop effective testing for human growth hormone.

In order to measure the effects of HGH on the human body, the league plans to administer the performance-enhancing drug to dozens of former NFL players, multiple sources told USA Today.

The plan will reportedly involve a group of roughly 100 former players, with two-thirds given HGH and one-third given a placebo. Each player’s level of HGH, which is produced naturally by the body but can also be administered artificially, will be measured before and after the trial.

Further details of the study (which players will be involved, how often the drug will be administered, etc.) have not been revealed. The NFL is one of the only American professional leagues that does not currently test for HGH, but if findings from studies such as this prove beneficial, an amendment allowing testing could reportedly be added to the collective bargaining agreement as early as this year.

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