Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez feels “singled out” by Major League Baseball, and he plans to take drastic action.

The Yankees third baseman is in the process of appealing the 211-game ban handed down to him for violating MLB’s Joint Drug Policy, and he plans to sue Major League Baseball in federal court if the entire ban isn’t lifted, according to TMZ. A-Rod apparently feels “persecuted” in MLB’s investigation, according to TMZ’s sources.

Rodriguez claims he hasn’t tested positive for PEDs or knowingly used PEDs since 2003, when he last admitted to using steroids. In 11 drug tests between 2011 and 2013, A-rod has reportedly tested negative for PEDs. That’s exactly why Rodriguez says he’s been singled out.

TMZ’s source brought up Ryan Braun as an example, pointing out that the Brewers outfielder tested positive for PEDs in 2011 — and then lied about it — and was only suspended for the remainder of the 2013 season. The source claims that MLB’s investigation of A-Rod has been “abusive and borderline illegal.”

Rodriguez reportedly plans to sue for a number of things, including a violation of the collective bargaining agreement between the players’ union and the league.