Report: Chris Paul Plans to Oppose HGH Testing, Flopping Fines, Dress Code Changes as NBA Union President

by NESN Staff

August 23, 2013

Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Clippers - Game TwoChris Paul is starting to put some of his clerical skills as insurance agent Cliff Paul to work.

Paul was elected president of the NBA’s players union on Wednesday.

Although the NBPA is still without an executive director, having Paul as president has been seen as a boon by many, with Paul perceived as having the intelligence and star power within the NBA to really get things done. It also doesn’t hurt that he gets to follow up the much-maligned Derek Fisher.

It appears Paul already has some big plans, according to TMZ. The gossip outlet reports that, less than two days after being elected, Paul is already consolidating his power to take on the league on a number of issues.

Among the issues Paul wants to address are heading off any talks of HGH testing, eliminating flopping fines and banning any more changes to the league’s dress code for players. NBA sources tell TMZ that Paul was elected because players feel he has the bravery necessary to go head-to-head with the NBA, so it’ll be interesting to see what Paul can accomplish.

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