Three Members of 1972 Dolphins Pull a Tim Thomas, Refuse White House Invite


Barack ObamaMan, these 1972 Miami Dolphins are all about technicalities. They were all into specifics when it came to whether the Patriots had a perfect season in 2007, and now they’re being picky about President Barack Obama‘s politics.

The ’72 Dolphins were all ready to head to the White House on Tuesday to be honored for their Super Bowl victory more than 40 years ago (they missed out because Richard Nixon was otherwise occupied), but some of them have decided they will not attend. A few of them made the decision due to other obligations, but for three former Fins, it’s about politics.

Bob Kuechenberg, Jim Langer and Manny Fernandez say they are not going because they don’t agree with Obama or his views.

“We’ve got some real moral compass issues in Washington,” Langer said, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I don’t want to be in a room with those people and pretend I’m having a good time. I can’t do that. If that [angers] people, so be it.”

Kuechenberg had similar thoughts.

“I want to be careful, because mom said if you have nothing good to say about someone, then don’t say anything,” he said. “I don’t have anything good to say about someone.”

Fernandez was a tad more pleasant.

“I’ll just say my views are diametrically opposed to the President’s,” he said. “Enough said. Let’s leave it at that. I hope everyone enjoys the trip who goes.”

These retired players aren’t the first athletes to make the decision. Bruins goalie Tim Thomas was, of course, notably absent after the B’s visited Washington following their Stanley Cup win.

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