Clay Matthews Says He’s ‘An Awesome Player,’ Denies Accusations of Dirty Play


Clay MatthewsDon’t bother complimenting Clay Matthews on his play — he already knows how good he is.

The Packers linebacker fielded questions from reporters on Thursday, and several were, unsurprisingly, centered around last Sunday’s questionable hit on 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the accusations of dirty play that followed from Niners coach Jim Harbaugh.

Matthews initially deflected questions about Harbaugh’s statements, which included doubts over Matthews’ “tough guy” image. He eventually relented, though, saying that he knows what kind of player he is.

“I’m an awesome player,” Matthews said with a smirk. “I’m not a dirty player.”

Matthews has been fined just once in his career for an on-field incident — $5,000 for a facemask on Jay Cutler in 2010 — and he has not been disciplined further by the league for his hit on Kaepernick. When it comes to being known as a “dirty” player, Matthews says his history speaks for itself.

“I think my resume’s pretty good right now,” Matthews said. “I think we’re doing alright.”

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