Matt Schaub Jersey Burn by Texans Fans Is Almost As Pitiful As Richard Sherman Interception That Provoked It (Video)


Houston Texans fans are understandably upset at Matt Schaub.

The quarterback, whose arrival in Houston in 2007 appeared to be the piece the Texans needed to get themselves over the hump, is again failing to fulfill expectations with another middling season. The Texans are 2-2, and Schaub has thrown eight touchdowns against six interceptions, none more egregious than the pick that doomed Sunday afternoon’s 23-20 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Schaub made a poor decision as the Texans saw one of their usual plays quickly get busted by an aggressive Seahawks defense. Schaub didn’t have a good option to throw to, but he still floated a pass without a moment’s hesitation — right to a double-covered receiver who had one of the best cornerbacks in the league, Richard Sherman, on his back.

Sherman picked off the pass and ran it back for a touchdown, setting up the eventual Seattle win. So some Texans fans, irate that Schaub has been good but not great, decided to burn his jersey in the parking lot. That was fine, except those fans perhaps showed that, while they may not have the quarterback they want, they certainly have the quarterback they deserve.

The fans’ burning of Schaub’s jersey turned into quite the ordeal, as the Houston supporters found it difficult to send authentic game garb up in flames with just a lighter.

Yes, it was a horrible interception on Sunday. But that was a horrible jersey burning, too. Perhaps everyone needs to chill out with the expectations until they can get their act in order.

Check it out in the video below.

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