The San Diego Chargers needed a miracle to pull off the come-from-behind victory on Sunday afternoon, but what they got instead was a circus of a play.

The Chargers found themselves down by three and out of field goal range with only seconds remaining, and they had one play to score a touchdown. After a series of laterals and some desperate attempts to move down the field, San Diego began moving backward into its own territory.

With Danny Woodhead heading straight into some Titans defenders, he tossed the ball back toward Philip Rivers. The ball came bouncing toward the quarterback, but instead of trying to scoop it up and keep the last-ditch effort going, Rivers opted to end the Chargers misery by kicking the ball, which drew a couple of flags.

Check out the crazy play via below, as well as the video of the final play of the game.

(:02) (Shotgun) 17-P.Rivers pass to 39-D.Woodhead to TEN 44 for 13 yards. Lateral to 11-E.Royal to TEN 33 for 11 yards. Lateral to 33-L.McClain to TEN 46 for -13 yards. Lateral to 17-P.Rivers to SD 45 for -9 yards. Lateral to 13-K.Allen to SD 40 for -5 yards. Lateral to 11-E.Royal to SD 35 for -5 yards. Lateral to 13-K.Allen to SD 33 for -2 yards. Lateral to 39-D.Woodhead to SD 33 for no gain. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by TEN-20-A.Verner at SD 29. Penalty on SD-17-P.Rivers, Illegally Kicking Ball, declined.