Ray Rice A lot of players spit — they just usually don’t do it at other players.

Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Phil Taylor claims that Ravens running back Ray Rice did just that during Sunday’s game with the Ravens, according to Pro Football Talk.

Taylor was hit with a 15-yard penalty for slapping Rice on the helmet on the second play of the game, and the big defensive tackle is insisting it was because the running back spit on him.

Taylor hinted that Rice spit on him after Sunday’s game, saying that “something happened” and urging the local Cleveland media to watch the tape, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“Look at the film, you will see,” Taylor said when asked if Rice spit on him. “I’m not going to say. It is what it is. I need to keep my composure.”

A quick review of the play shows that Taylor and Rice got to yapping after the play, even getting so close they were butting facemasks at one point. So, whether intentionally or not, it’s entirely possible that Rice did spit on Taylor. If proven true, though, Rice would likely be penalized by the league.

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