Report: BYU Football Player Suspended Over Photo of Him Partying at Las Vegas Nightclub (Photo)


BYU runs on a stricter set of rules than most of the nation’s colleges, and one football player is paying for not abiding by them.

Senior linebacker Spencer Hadley was suspended five games by the school this week for violating the school’s stringent honor code. All head shaking aside, Hadley’s suspension may really stem from a photo taken of him partying at a Las Vegas nightclub, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Apparently, one eager Utah Utes fan somehow came across photos of Hadley partying it up in Vegas with a big-wig BYU booster and decided to tattle on the football star. Darren Lucy, the fan with the photos, sent emails to the Utah athletic compliance department, detailing Hadley’s endeavors, which Lucy alleges included drinking, drug use and even a trip to a local strip club. Lucy even broached the idea of an NCAA investigation in the email chain, which Utah eventually passed along to the BYU compliance department.

Hadley has eight tackles for the Cougars in two games so far this season. He’ll now be forced to sit out the next five games for breaking the code — a stretch of games which, maybe not so coincidentally, includes a game against Utah on Saturday. Well played, Lucy.

Check out a photo of Hadley partying below.

Spencer Hadley

Photo via Deadspin

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