Jake Peavy Not Bothered By Getting Mistaken for Actor Jeremy Renner, Enjoys Comparison to ‘Handsome, Successful Guy’


jakeJake Peavy has become quite famous around Boston since joining the club in a three-team trade earlier this season, bringing his fiery attitude and fierce competitiveness to the Red Sox.

The right-hander has managed to make a name for himself in a short amount of time, but unfortunately when he gets recognized on the streets, they don’t always call him by the right name.

The pitcher revealed to Cut4 that he often gets mistaken for Jeremy Renner, the Oscar-nominated actor who has also spent time at Fenway Park, starring as James Coughlin in “The Town.” The confusion doesn’t bother Peavy whatsoever, though, as he’s just happy to have such a dashing doppelganger.

“I guess that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” Peavy asked. “Isn’t he a good looking, handsome, very successful guy?”

While Peavy is no stranger to getting approached for autographs, he divulged that sometimes it takes him a minute to realize that people think they’re speaking to the actor, and not the baseball player. Rather than forge Renner’s signature though, he presumably leaves a few fans puzzled, opting always to sign his own name instead.

“I just let it ride — sign the autographs, say ‘thank you’, and walk on.”

A World Series ring may add some clarity as to who is who in the future.

Right photo via Twitter/@arianastover


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