Who says that baseball is dying?

With the World Series in town, St. Louis’ collective attention is focused on the Red Sox and Cardinals squaring off in Game 5, leaving the Monday Night Football matchup that is also in the city to be all but forgotten.

As Adam Wainwright and Jon Lester continue to deal in a battle of the aces, David Ortiz builds on his legendary postseason resume and everyone anxiously awaits to see what bizarre play will end this game, the Rams are busy hosting the Seahawks in a stadium that has seen better days in regards to attendance.

With tickets going for as low as $8 on Friday night, the Rams weren’t expecting a huge draw, but the Week 8 game looked more like a preseason game at the coin toss.

Check out the scene in the photos below.



Top photo via Twitter/@APdaveskretta
Bottom photo via Twitter/@ginafiorito