“To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.”

What Homer Simpson fails to mention is that it’s also the cause of many thin wallets at NFL stadiums around the country.

Our friends over at Business Insider did some suds research and tracked down 2013 beer prices at every NFL stadium. According to their findings, barley pops range from $5 to a gut-wrenching $9.75 per cup, depending on where your tap is being pulled.

Oakland sells the aforementioned (and flat-out atrocious) $9.75 beer — although it should be noted that it’s for a 20 oz. brew. On the other hand, every $5 beer on the chart comes in 12 oz. cups. Fans looking for the most booze for their buck should hit up Carolina, where they can buy a 22 oz. tallboy for just $6, making it just $0.27 per mouth-watering ounce.

Check out the handy chart below.