Bojangles Fast Food Chain Honors Steve Smith With ‘Ice Up, Son’ Sweet Tea Day After Receiver’s Comments to Aqib Talib


Steve Smith brought a snappy one-liner directed at Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib after the Panthers defeated the Pats in controversial fashion on Monday night, and it seems to be catching on.

Smith and Talib spent the majority of the game jawing at one another, and Smith showed his dominance early, smoking Talib on a number of receptions. Smith’s strong play led to sloppy, aggressive play on Talib’s end, and the cornerback even came close to getting thrown out of the game after the two got into a scuffle in the end zone.

Talib, who was sidelined for the last few weeks with a hip injury, was out for the last few plays of the game, and Smith made sure to touch on that fact during his postgame interview. When Smith was asked what went down between him and Talib early on in the game, the receiver responded with, “I don’t know, you gotta ask him because he didn’t finish the game. Ice up, son!”

The quote swirled around the Internet after the game, and eventually crossed the path of folks at Bojangles, a Southeastern regional fast food chain famous for its fried chicken, biscuits and sweet iced tea. Check out the restaurant’s message to Smith below.

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