Sometimes kids are wise beyond their years.

That seems to be the case for the Bridgewater Badgers Division 5 Pee Wee football team in Bridgewater, Mass. When members of the team found out that their volunteer waterboy, 6-year-old Danny Keefe, was being teased at school because of a speech impediment and his habit of wearing a suit, tie and fedora to school, the entire group rallied around him.

MyFox Boston reports that the team of fifth-graders organized “Danny Appreciation Day” at Williams Intermediate School, and all dressed up in suits and ties to celebrate Keefe and make sure he knew they supported him.

“We all dressed up in suits and sponsored Danny because he’s been getting picked on bad at recess and we didn’t like that because he’s a band of brothers for us and he’s a good friend for us and we don’t want to see him getting picked on,” a friend of Danny’s said.

Check out the heartwarming story in the video below.