How’s it feel to get run over by a pack of high school football players as they charge the field before a big game?

For those not interested in finding out themselves, a helpful video has emerged. In it, David A. Amador of High School Sports Magazine chit-chats with the camera before turning his recording device toward a giant inflated football helmet that will soon open and send out jogging football players.

Everything was going great as the Harlinger (Texas) Cardinals took the field — until one of the less coordinated fellas misstepped and took out Amador, that is. Amador went down, taking his camera and the experience with him.

Undeterred, Amador jumped back up and finished the shot. He didn’t hold the recording device in the same direction as the first time, though, meaning the second half of his take from the field was even more fun than the first.

Check out the scene in the video below, with a chest pound to Big Lead Sports.