Charlotte Hornets’ Return Presents Opportunity for NBA to Bring Back Other Classic Logos


Dallas MavericksThe Charlotte Hornets soon will be back. Although the logo won’t be exactly the same, the teal-and-purple motif should be enough to satisfy fans who have missed the color scheme ever since they were forced to give their old Starter jackets to Goodwill.

The Hornets aren’t the only team that needs to dig into its past for the perfect logo. Several other teams could use some re-branding, and in a lot of cases, they already came up with the ideal logo before. They just need to undo the damage done when they retired those logos unnecessarily.

Of course, one person’s beloved old logo is another person’s eyesore. Not every fan will agree that each of these logos is an improvement over the current version. Even if fans universally agree a team has to go back to a former insignia, not every fan will agree of which old version to use. But take a lot at 10 logos that prove these teams were on to something before they threw it all away.

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