Mike Tomlin Appears to Intentionally Step in Front of Jacoby Jones in New Angle of Controversial Return (Video)


Mike Tomlin‘s placement along the sidelines during Thursday night’s game in Baltimore caused quite a stir around the NFL. But the supposedly accidental side-step might not be quite as innocent as it first seemed.

A new video popped up from KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon, showing Tomlin’s near interference from a different angle inside the Steelers’ end zone on the play. The video follows Ravens return man Jacoby Jones out of the end zone on the kick, and, as the sideline comes more into focus, Tomlin can be seen stepping out onto the edge of the boundary line as Jones continues to speed by the Pittsburgh special teamers.

Tomlin said after the game that he got lost along the sidelines during the play and was simply watching the return on the video board on the opposite end zone. However, it seems rather peculiar that he got lost that far from his place on the sideline at that particular moment on a pretty key play in the game.

Tomlin wasn’t penalized on the play, which resulted in a 73-yard kick return for Jones. The NFL is, however, weighing punishments for Tomlin, which could range anywhere from a fine to a suspension or even forfeiting a draft pick.

Check out the new video below, as well as an accompanying GIF via Deadspin.

Mike Tomlin

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