Ron Burgundy Asks Peyton Manning How He Plays So Well Without Mustache, Recalls San Diego St. Glory Days (Video)


Movember might be over, but Ron Burgundy’s mustache still looks as glorious as ever.

Burgundy is all the rage right now as Anchorman 2 prepares to hit movie theaters across the country, better yet the world, in just a few short weeks. So, while the anticipation grows for the second serving of the hilarious San Diegan, Burgundy has been making his presence felt on newscasts everywhere.

Will Ferrell, playing the award-winning news anchor, is set to host ESPN’s SportsCenter on Thursday evening as he makes his rounds on the nation’s most popular news desks. In preparation, he even sat down for an interview with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Burgundy asked Manning a series of hard-hitting questions, including how he played quarterback so well without a mustache, even telling the 37-year-old he looked like a “succulent baby lamb” without any facial hair. And that was just one of the memorable moments from the brief snippet of the interview.

Check out Burgundy and Manning yucking it up in the video below.

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