Mike Tomlin Said ‘Obviously’ 322 Times During Steelers Press Conferences In 2013


miketomlin copyPittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin obviously has a favorite word.

Andrew McGill of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has done some number crunching after reviewing Tomlin’s press conferences over the years, and he determined that the coach used the word “obviously” a whopping 322 times during the 2013 season. That large number averages out to about 20 uses of the adverb per press conference.

The word hasn’t always taken up such a large part of Tomlin’s vocabulary, though. McGill says it gained traction over the years. The coach used it only seven times during press conferences in 2010, 33 times in 2011 and 151 times in 2012 before doubling that figure in 2013.

For Steelers fans who aren’t crazy about Tomlin’s new speech pattern, there is a way to hear fewer mentions of “obviously,” and the solution will make Steel City very happy: Win more games. McGill noted that Tomlin uses the word more than twice as often following a loss.

The Steelers obviously know what they need to do this offseason.

Photo via Twitter/@MentalityMag

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