Russian Snowboarder’s Phone Crashes From Text Messages After He Put Phone Number On His Helmet


sobolevA Russian snowboarder’s phone has died after it was assaulted with a slew of X-Rated texts.

Team Russia’s Alexey Sobolev failed to make the slopestyle finals Saturday, but he made headlines earlier in the week when he wore a helmet with his cell phone number printed on it during the qualifying rounds. The 22-year-old said posting his phone number was his way of trying to get through “the boredom of the athletes’ village on the mountain.” It would appear Sobolev is anything but bored now.

After receiving thousands of text messages, including good luck messages and naked pictures of women, Sobolev’s iPhone crashed.

The phone eventually rebooted, giving Sobolev an opportunity to peruse the texts, some of which Sobolev described as “not appropriate to read aloud.”

Sobolev’s phone digits are still circulating throughout social media, but there has to be a time limit on how long he, or his phone, can deal with the rapidly growing inbox before he changes his number.

Photo via Twitter/@Sasha666OF

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