It appears Bill Belichick welcomed the warm weather of Orlando, Fla., with open arms and uncovered toes.

The New England Patriots coach’s famous grey hoodie was nowhere to be seen Monday, when he was spotted entering the NFL Annual Meeting wearing jeans and sandals.

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At least they’re not Tevas.

Throw in his visor from the Florida Gators game, and Belichick practically is a poster boy for the Sunshine State. Perhaps these recent style choices came in the form of advice from Belichick’s trend-setting quarterback, Tom Brady.

Hopefully Belichick didn’t opt out of the NFL head coaches group photo Monday because he felt underdressed. He would’ve fit right in next to Andy Reid’s Hawaiian shirt.

If Belichick wants to enjoy a day of his offseason with a jean-sandals faux pas, so be it. Free those toes, Bill. Just don’t forget your hoodie roots.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@JoeGiza