Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl Saves Run By Fielding Fair Ball (Video)


The Baltimore Orioles benefited from an extra outfielder on Sunday.

An Orioles ball girl made a fine play on a hard-hit ground ball down the left field line off the bat of Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Edwin Encarnacion, ranging to her left and extending her glove to make an impressive snag.

The only problem? The ball was in fair play.

As seen in video below, the third base umpire signals a fair ball just seconds before the girl scoops up the ball and heads back toward the seats.

To the ball girl’s credit, her unintentional web gem worked in the Orioles’ favor, as the Blue Jays had a runner on first at the time of Encarnacion’s hit. The play was ruled a ground-rule double, forcing the runner to stop at third base on a hit he likely would have scored on.

Unfortunately for the Orioles, they couldn’t capitalize on their ball girl’s run-saving play. The Jays scored two runs later in the inning and five more runs in the sixth to coast to an 11-3 win.

Check out a video of the odd play below.


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