Brandon SpikesBrandon Spikes didn’t spend much time talking to the media during his first four years in the NFL. It appears that was more the New England Patriots way than the Spikes way.

Spikes, who signed with the Buffalo Bills this offseason after hitting free agency, told that he can back up his recent Twitter trash talk against the Patriots (he called his time in New England “four years a slave”) on the field.

“Everybody got a theme. You gotta respect that,” the linebacker said Tuesday as the Bills started offseason workouts. “I got a big mouth, I talk a lot of trash. I feel like I can back it up. … If I can get in a guy’s head, I’ll take advantage of it.”

Spikes also said he already feels a connection with Buffalo fans that he never found with Patriot Nation.

“Another thing, reason why I came here, was because the fan base here,” Spikes said. “I never felt that type of love, even though there hasn’t been much success around here, really you can’t deny, it’s right there in your face. I’ve embraced it, I’ve used it as an advantage. I hadn’t had that since I was in Gainesville. ‘Gator Nation’ was the same way. It’s just good to have it on your side as you were going about it.”

Spikes signed a one-year, $3.25 million contract with the Bills. His time with the Patriots ended with the linebacker being placed on injured reserve with a knee injury after he didn’t show up to a meeting because he couldn’t dig his car out of the snow.