Lorde finally will meet the man who inspired her hit single, “Royals.”

The 17-year-old’s creative juices started flowing after she saw a picture of former Kansas City Royals star George Brett in a 1976 issue of National Geographic. The rest is history, as “Royals” has launched Lorde to pop-star status. Now she can personally thank the man partially responsible for the fame.

According to TMZ Sports, Lorde reached out to Brett and asked if he’d like to hang out before one of her shows in Las Vegas. Brett graciously accepted the invitation and said he’s “really excited” to meet her.

Brett and Lorde reportedly have tried to meet up in the past, but scheduling conflicts always got in the way. The former third baseman did send a few gifts in his place, including an autographed jersey with the message “You are royal to me” inside his No. 5.