In Tuesday night’s ESPN special called “Dream On: Stories From Boston’s Strongest,” President Barack Obama delivered a message to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing.

“We will never forget what happened on that spring day one year ago, but what we’ll always remember is the promise of four lives cut short, the courage of our first responders, the determination of the wounded to walk and dance and — yes — to run again, the dedication of those who would stand by them on their journey,” President Obama says in the documentary. “Tonight, even as we remember what we lost last April, we’ll also be inspired by what we’ve gained: new friendship, new purpose, new love and, for the Red Sox, a new World Series banner.”

The documentary, which tells the stories of five different survivors, and the President’s heartfelt message came on the anniversary of the bombing.

You can check out Obama’s message in the video below, and ESPN subscribers can watch the documentary online.