Super Lame Stanley Cup Bet Includes Organic Rice Cakes, History Book


Stanley CupIf we’re keeping a tally on the off-ice competition between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings as they prepare for the Stanley Cup Final, the Rangers are up 1-0 after Monday’s clever Twitter comeback.

Better make that 2-0 Rangers.

As is tradition, New York governor Andrew Cuomo and California governor Jerry Brown put small gifts on the line as part of a friendly wager on the series. Cuomo’s gift was cool, Brown’s gift was not.

Brown, or whoever decided on this gift, thought it would be a good idea to offer “lightly salted” organic rice cakes and a book on California’s history. Because who doesn’t want curl up with a good state history book while nibbling on rice cakes?

Cuomo and Co., meanwhile, actually put something cool on the line by offering a “Taste NY” gift basket that includes chicken wing sauce as well as a commemorative hockey puck that Cuomo had made last year for making three on-time budgets in a row.

There are plenty of things to get excited about in this year’s Stanley Cup Final matchup, which kicks off at the Staples Center on Wednesday night. Receiving a sleeve of organic rice cakes is not one of them.

Rangers fans can only hope their team can put the possibility of winning such a lame gift behind them and bring home the Cup anyways.

Photo via Twitter/@KennyO27

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