Elio Di Rupo, the prime minister of Belgium, is a vocal supporter of his Red Devils and will be passionately rooting for his country to defeat Team USA in the Round of 16 at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Di Rupo took to Twitter before Tuesday’s game and asked U.S. President Barack Obama if he’d be willing to bet some beers over the game.

Obama, who also has shown support for his country throughout the World Cup, has yet to respond to Di Rupo, and with good reason. Bovada has the United States as 3-2 underdogs against Belgium, so unless Di Rupo is willing to give the most powerful man in the free world three six-packs in exchange for two, then Obama might want to hold off.

It would be nice to see the POTUS take the bet, though, to continue the recent trend of politicians betting on sports.

Just as long as the loser of the bet doesn’t have to sing on Jimmy Kimmel.