Jerry JonesJohnny Manziel and Jerry Jones are two of football’s biggest lightning rods. Whatever they do always seems to be under a giant microscope.

That’s why the Twitterverse exploded when Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, had a chance to select Manziel with the 16th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft in May.

While the Cowboys ended up passing on the former Heisman Trophy winner, who went to the Cleveland Browns at No. 22, Jones really wanted Manziel on his team, and the quarterback was extremely close to wearing the blue and silver.

And by “extremely,” we mean Jones reportedly had Manziel’s draft card but was barred by his son, Stephen Jones, from submitting the pick, according to Jim Dent’s new book, “Manziel Mania.”

Fortunately for Cowboys fans, it seems like the younger Jones is a bit more level-headed than his father.

The Cowboys’ current quarterback, Tony Romo, clearly is more talented than Manziel and is locked up to a long-term contract. However, Romo often is scrutinized (albeit, sometimes unfairly) for not playing well late in games.

Just imagine the unnecessary distractions that would result from the media and fans, who would crush Romo after every mistake and push for Manziel to start.

That said, it would’ve made a great reality show.