Paul Bissonnette’s Next-Level Ice Bucket Challenge Cost Him Just $175


Paul BissonnetteEverything about Paul Bissonnette’s Ice Bucket Challenge looked expensive, but it turns out the NHL free agent knows how to snag an impressive bargain.

Bissonnette, who was challenged by former Phoenix Coyotes teammate Keith Yandle, took the challenge to raise awareness and funds for ALS to another level as he incorporated a helicopter, glacier water and an entire crew to capture the production.

The extreme video looked like something Michael Bay would create, but Biz Nasty told TMZ Sports on Wednesday that the entire feat was done on the cheap, costing him just $175 total between gas for the helicopter and some other miscellaneous supplies.

The idea came to him while he and a few of his buddies were sitting around drinking at a Vancouver bar, Bissonnette told TMZ, and it all came together pretty easily after that because one of his friends actually owns a helicopter and camera gear.

There certainly are worse friends to have.

In addition to accomplishing arguably the most impressive video that has come out of this viral phenomenon for a good price, Bissonnette and his friends donated $1,000 to the cause.

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